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Forged iron 21 ¾” height with a central column topped with a bird and 14 radials, two with “star burst” terminals, three with varied hook shaped terminals, three with knife blade terminals, one folded on itself and the others with various flattened forms. Each, obviously with spiritual significance to the maker and herbalist practitioner. Some current information identifies the star bursts as birds while the information at the time we purchased it at Christies, London, was that they represented witches. At that time (1980’s), William Fagg, the greatest authority on Yoruba culture and art was a consultant to Christies. Possibly both are true. These staffs were used to bring the divine power of Osanyin to the herbalists (witch doctors) and were placed outside dwellings while the herbalist administered to the patient inside. Heavily rusted with forging imperfections as always encountered.  On base mount.
Stock Number: B5046

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