We're purchasing antique arms and armor on a continuous basis.

Selling to Fagan Arms is fast and easy.

Tell us what you have, ship out your items, and get paid.

Have something to sell?

We're purchasing antique arms and armor on a continuous basis. We sell over 2000 items yearly and must replenish our stock. American, European, Asian and tribal items are needed. Weapons, armor and other items related to the warrior. If you have some items that you're interested in selling, here's how the process works.


Let us know what you have.

Pictures are best. Send photos in the mail, attached to an email, whatever is easiest for you. Pictures should be large, clear, and well-lit.


Let us know what you want.

Give us your best price, keeping in mind that the largest part of our margin is overhead, not profit. We have ten staff, two facilities, and like all businesses, taxes, insurance, and other expenses which must be considered when we purchase.


The last step...

If your offer is feasible, we will ask you to ship the item or items for our inspection. Upon acceptance, we will send payment in full within two business days. We do not accept consignments or any arrangements other than full immediate payment upon our purchase.

If you are unable to place a value on your items...

We can evaluate your item or items and make an offer, based on our examination of the items. We will ask you to ship the items for inspection and make our offer within two business days. If you agree, full payment is made immediately. If you decline, we will return the items to you at our expense.

We regret we are unable to make offers based on photographs, or provide any other information about your items without receiving the items in hand.

Give us a try. We are the world's largest dealer in our field with an unmatched turnover rate based on fair dealing.