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1879 War capture. 28 1/2" length with tapered haft with slightly flared butt and compressed spherical head. mounted with two rows of iron studs flanking two clusters of three on the top. The studs each of conical form, evidently hand forged, not commercially produced. Each row of graduated height studs with those at the top of highest dimension graduating to lower height below the head. Most unusual and only example of its type we have encountered. The studs would add considerably to the effect of a blow, both by lacerating as well as engaging the flesh for greater transfer of the impact of the blow. Dry with glossy patina. The studs complete and surface rusted. Some pin holes and flush headless nails to the sides. Very likely a killing club used in warrior discipline where killing a warrior for minor infractions or poor performance was common as an example to the other warriors as well as purifying the ranks.

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