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Ring size 10-10 1/2. These iconic rings, sometimes called shield rings are a variation on the coil ring which was a popular Vikings form. The band is made with overlapping ends rather than continuous ones. The oval bezel is just under 1 (0.98")" in length. Broad overlapping prong band allowing for some adjustment. The large oval bezel with a raised border and broad rounded transverse bands flanked by smaller, narrow bands. Unusually made as a thick plate with the decoration incised. These usually are thin, near foil thickness with the decoration embossed and easily wear with small holes appearing. All the decorations are crisp and uniform in this example. Professionally refurbished with the 24karat gold overlay restored for contemporary wear. Jewelry gift boxed with certification of authenticity. Museum-worthy and an absolute show-stopper!
Stock Number: B1598

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