C. 1860-80. Platt Rogers Spencer developed a script (font) that streamlined penmanship and was adopted as the standard American script until the typewriter rendered it obsolete, The Ford and Coca-Cola logos are in the Spencer font. In the mid-Victorian period, calligraphy became popular and related pen drawing based on the oval stroke of the Spencerian script followed. The subject was virtually always birds, in minimal semi abstraction, accompanied by elegant scrolling foliage. This example is finely executed with the subject surrounding Compliments. It has been folded with minimal effect, and probably was sent as a greeting by post. It is 7” x 9”, framed unglazed, in what is probably its original Victorian frame. Such work is well represented on the internet, but with very few examples on the market. Minor foxing but the image strong and delicate and expertly executed.
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