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Spain at the time included 9 Mediterranean islands and two cities on the north coast of Africa, surrounded by Morocco. They were ceded from the Portugal by the Treaty of Lisbon, 1668. Most important was the city of Ceuta which was besieged by the Moroccans 1694-1727. In 1859-60, war again broke out with Morocco over Ceuta ending with the Battle of Tetuan. This sword is of the period, dated 1860 twice. The silver hilt accords with Spanish patterns (see Vicente Toledo Momparler part 4, on line) and bears the cipher of Queen Isabell II. The pommel is decorated with six panels of classic arms and armor and the grip is black horn with silver wire wrap. The 30 7/8” flattened diamond section blade bears the arms of Spain and FA D TOLEDO 1860 one side and LA DIPN PROVL D CORDOVA IL L’ JERCITO D’ AFRICA 19 D MAYO 1860 the other. This sword then, is that of an Army officer serving in the Spanish Army of Africa after the defeat of the Moroccans. It was the Spanish Army of Africa which, in 1936 under the command of General Francisco Franco, rebelled, starting the Spanish Civil War
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