Nothing short of iconic! The Spanish broadsword which served in the Caribbean since mid 17th century when Spain dominated the Caribbean or “Spanish Main”. These are found with both straight and recurved quillons, the former being the original form used in the 17th century. This example is of that form with asymmetrical semi bowl guard and wire wrapped segmented grip. The 33 5/8” blade is marked POR EL REY CAROLS III and CAVALLERYA To 1772. Christopher Columbus’ 1493 expedition founded Spain’s first permanent colony in the Caribbean on Hispaniola, modern Haiti and Dominican Republic. The discovery of gold led to further colonization on Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Cuba. By mid century, Spain controlled the entire Caribbean and exported massive amounts of treasure to Spain. Jamaica was captured by England 1655 and ceded by Spain in the Treaty of Madrid. Centrally located, it served as a staging base and haven for privateers who savaged the Spanish treasure ships. As England’s strength grew, it systematically captured other Spanish colonies through the 18th century. This sword served Spain in defense of its Spanish West Indies colonies.
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