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The need for military forces to maintain the British Empire resulted in reconciliation with the Scots and the abolition of the law against the wearing of Scottish traditional dress in 1782. The Scottish basket hilted sword, the quintessential traditional accessory was once again produced and a version was standardized for military use in 1828. This example, made about 1800, is privately purchased conforming to British military regulations of the day and Scottish tradition. The basket guard is made in two halves with a brazed seam, a technique used in revisions of the traditional pattern such as 243.S of Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, which is dated 1770-84. The pattern generally follows swords used in the Scottish Rebellion which ended in 1746. The grip is wood of a stacked bun form without cover as made. The 32” double-edged blade has a narrow medial fuller half its length. The last iteration of an iconic form.

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