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This is a fine example of the Roman Swastika brooch, in this instance, with figures conjoined forming an annular ring. The swastika has been used since antiquity by many cultures and represents the sun and other positive forces. It is widely used by Hindus today. The form used in ancient Rome incorporated a horse head at the terminals and is thought to represent cavalry. Nicolae Gudea believed that these brooches were from a horse cult stemming from the establishment of Illyrian cavalry among the Romans. Sofija Petkovi believes that they are related to the recruitment of mercenaries (“Barbarians”) among Roman cavalry after early 3rd century reforms. Both theories share much of their content with the differences in the details only. These brooches are found in Germany, Northern Italy and the Balkans. This example, 1 5/8” width, has been professionally refurbished as a pendant on a Sterling silver neck chain with the pure silver surface restored.
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