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The outbreak of the Revolution came with a shortage of weapons for American fighters. For the first two years, many were armed with only pikes or “trench spears” produced by blacksmiths and hafted locally. This is one of those pikes with a portion of its original haft (dry and slightly shrunk as expected). It is similar to Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, #129.PA and #131.PA and others in the group. It’s quality compares to the best with a medially ridged leaf shaped point on butted seam conical socket with a folded reinforced base. It is pierced for a mounting pin which was never used. The head is 11 ¾” length. Total length with the haft is 19 ¾”. Showing clear evidence of 250 years of minimally protected storage
Stock Number: B2807

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