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C.1775-6. The embers of war were smoldering in the years before the Revolution. Gunpowder was imported in quantity, used sparingly, and stored in anticipation of the conflict. Less easily managed was the shortage of firearms. At the outbreak of the war, the shortage of firearms and the savagery of the British use of the bayonet resulted in the production of pikes or spear, first issued to American troops at the Battle/siege of Boston which successfully contained the British troops for 11 months. This example is typical of those produced at the outbreak. The iron head is hand-forged with iron lamination evident. It is marked DL on one side and ?OWLEM, (struck unevenly) with asterisk marks and further initials. The marks are typical as found on colonial blacksmiths made axes. The socket is lap welded seamed. The total length is 94 1/2”. The haft is hand-hewn, not lather turned, and slightly tapered through its length. Fantastic display for a New England home.

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