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See Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, #216.S-221.S for examples with similar distinguishing American features and particularly 217.S.   Of a general pattern used in Europe from about 1750, this sword was made in Colonial America as part of the build up to the Revolution. The 32” blade of proud fighting proportions was imported from Europe as is typical for Colonial American swords. The hilt was made in New England demonstrating several features specific to that origin, including its general overall awkward proportions and quality of finish. The tail of the knuckle bow is hand filed to fit the pommel aperture, rather than made with a interlocking extension. The arms of the guard are short and finished with ball terminals, hand shaped rather than cast. The thickened edge of the shell guard is irregular on the inside where it meets the shell, from casting defects and the quillon and forward arm of the guard retain a web from the casting process. These features are indicators of the pressure under which this sword was made, indicating that the war was already under way.
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