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Standard pattern (M.1888) with three-ring iron guard and finely banded and checkered ebony grip. Mounted with a very fine 33 ½” English blade, curved, broad fullered for the first 1/3, double fullered middle, and fine clipped point in hussar fashion. The first half hand engraved both sides with foliage surrounding inscription panels, Osborne / Warranted / Birmingham each side. The end with a crown over a wreath symbolizing Italy and precluding the possibility that it is simply an English blade remounted to an Italian sword. The English Cavalry was near-legendary at the time. Italy was ruled by Francesco Crispi whose territorial ambitions and policy of preventative attacks on his enemies were well known and publicized. This sword served during that period of military build-up and patriotism which bordered on fanaticism. The proud blade, about as large as encountered for officer’s swords, was obviously a special choice of its owner and the hilt shows three sword impacts, verifying its service, probably in Ethiopia in 1896.
Stock Number: UC5542

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