10 3/8” length, cow horn shaped to oval section with the Elaborate Bouche charger comprising a transverse barrel with graduated adjusting end. Both ends with glass windows and urn shaped horn charger collar. This is truly “corn crib” “attic”, “sleeper” or whatever term collectors use to described an item untouched for nearly two centuries! It is complete with all four suspension rings and both glass windows intact and unbroken. The mechanism has not been operated for decades and probably a century and a half. They need lubrication and a gentle hand to operate. There is a little rust staining at the mount screws as well. See Riling, The Powder Flask Book, p.118 and p.153 for Bouche and his patent and figure 1168 for an example identical to this. We found only one example, with damage, for sale at $650.00.

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