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By the second half of the 18th century, lancers were made obsolete by changing battle tactics. Napoleon revived their use to great effect in the Napoleonic Wars of the 1803-15. As happens with every war, the post war years brought analysis of successes and failures and inevitably, changes in weapons. The use of lancers was revived by the British and other nations. This lance dates to the post Napoleonic period, probably 1830’s-40’s relying for form on its 18th century predecessors. It is 93 ¼” in length with iron point and wood haft with rounded butt confirming its length. It probably served in northern (Germanic) Europe. Aside from the British, there is very little information on 19th century European lances. As well, surviving examples are exceedingly rare. This is the only example we can recall on the market. Well worthy of research.

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