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Tairona, from what is today Columbia. The Spanish conquest started in 1502 and the cities of Santa María la Antigua del Darién (C.1509) and San Sebastian de Urabá (c. 1508-1510) were the first two European settlements on the mainland in the Americas. The conquest progressed until 1599 when the Tairona revolted, killing priests and travelers. By 1602, the chiefs were brought to trial, sentenced to death, and their bodies dismembered. Today, the Tairona are best known for their fine jewelry including magnificent goldwork. Fine orange and gray stone, selected for its contrast. It was laboriously fashioned by hand polishing from carnelian and drilled for suspension. It is 11.3mm in height (just under ½”) suspended from an 18” modern Sterling silver neck chain for wear, and gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity.
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