17TH century.  27 ½” high providing protection to upper thigh. The front with four central plates with two each original palm splay base strap mounts and leather securing straps. The sides of each with articulated rib plates and pairs of corresponding plates at the back flanking the triple rows of articulated back plates. The mail comprised entirely of riveted links, principally 7.6mm diameter with strategically located 9.2mm links connecting the plates and providing the curvature at the shoulders and flex room at the elbows. Full length sleeves with Van Dyked cuffs. The back divided below the plates to accommodate the saddle. Small edge damages to a few back plates. Some small wire repairs to align the plates and a curious small lead repair dating to it time of use. Some small holes. Armors of this type were stacked in arsenals when not in use. The small holes are the result of snags from stacking.  The links are largely intact and may be repaired by simply reuniting the remaining links with minimal addition of repair links. A quantity of repair links is included with the armor. Shipped mounted as shown. Non US48 destinations require additional shipping (inquire). Very attractive display.
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