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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

Gilt hilt deeply and crisply chiseled in rocaille on pebble ground. Silver wire wrapped grip. 32 ½” blade of flattened diamond section. The forte crisply decorated in panels displaying, heart lion rampant, Sun King and ordered floral and fruit motifs. The balance of the blade to within 4 ½” of the point decorated in a rococo foliate panel. A floral enriched heart beyond completes the decoration. Both sides are identically decorated. The decoration of the blade is virtually 100% intact with the gold-toned to slightly richer hue. The hilt is preserved with near all original fire gilt on contrasting ground. Swords with blades decorated full length are very rare. This example is further distinguished by its fine quality and preservation. Louis XIV died in 1715. This sword either overlaps his final years or was made commemorating his memory in its images.


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