A few years ago, we recognized another area of antique art which offered greatly disproportionate value for its price, Japanese lacquer work which is the laborious application in many layers over time, of a pigmented compound of natural resins (not paint) which hardens to a virtually impervious finish. When applied to delicately hand made wood vessels, they become works of art, true to the Shinto tradition. The techniques are nearly endless incorporating other materials such as mother of pearl and powdered gold and silver. Others expose the wood core, are incised and some are even branded. The results are true works of art with subjects drawing on nature and Japanese mythology and folk lore. Over the years, we've collected many examples and have decided to share these small treasures with our clients. These are welcomed in any setting, home or office and many are museum quality. A fine comprehensive collection can be assembled with a modest investment and they make thoughtful, unique gifts. Many have been purchased throughout the year and set aside for holiday gift giving of an heirloom treasure as well as saving time and avoiding aggravation later. The most iconic of all Japanese symbols representing the very heart of Japanese culture, depicted on the cover of this lacquered bowl. Gold edged representation of Fuji with gold trees in the foreground balanced by a flight of geese in V formation on the other side. Red/orange outers with black grading to brown interiors. The artists signature within the circular grip Very minor color distortion and short hair line check to the lacquer, both to the interior. C.1880-90.

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