Silvered bronze. 1 ¼” total height. Symmetrical with centered cross beam and beams of identical length. The terminals of each with a lug over a sphere, perhaps a variation of the cross and globe (Christ over the World) which was in use by this time. The emergence from the Dark Ages is embodied in the rise to power of the Frankish King, Charlemagne in 768 (founder of the Holy Roman Empire after 800) followed by conquering southern Europe from France to Italy and much of Northern Europe. Charlemangne’s 782 Capitulatio de partibus Saxoniae prescribed laws for Saxons which included being baptized. Failure to do so was punishable by death. “If any one of the race of the Saxons hereafter concealed among them shall have wished to hide himself unbaptized, and shall have scorned to come to baptism and shall have wished to remain a pagan, let him be punished by death”. The condition for peace was the acceptance of Christianity, under penalty of death. The conversion was effective and Northern Europeans, primarily Saxons, wore small crosses to affirm their Christianity. This is an original Northern European “profession of faith” cross 1000-1300 years old. Professionally refurbished with the silver overlay restored on a modern Sterling silver 18” neck chain. Jewelry gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity.
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