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The blades are deeply sculpted with elephant heads at the base and maybe watered steel. The interior blade is bright with the original preservative. The frame and grips are decorated in and out with gold naturalistic foliage. Virtually all the gold and silver decoration on Near and Middle Eastern weapons and armor is overlaid (koftgari), a thin surface applique mechanically bonded to the base. This is true inlay with the metal surface inscribed with gravers and the void created filled with gold and polished smooth with the base metal. This is just the second or third example so embellished that we’ve offered in our 55 years in the business. Additionally, the use of naturalistic foliage decoration is specifically identified to the period of Shah Jahan and before and abandoned by his successor Aurangzeb dating this example pre1659. Accompanied by an early sepia photo, 8 ½” x 6 ½” of an arms display on a fine oak paneled wall, presumably in a manor house or castle, with the items numbered in pencil. The back with a handwritten inventory of the items priced. This is #27 in the photograph identified as Dagger, Spring “Kattar”. Some losses to the gold and minor oxidation, consistent with its age. A truly unique offering.

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