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Iron hilt, undecorated as expected for a military officer. Elongated domed pommel in the French style. Large ring arms below the crossguard and symmetrical shell guard. Both features of the 1680-1700 period. Particularly fine silver wire wrapped grip of a single wire completely encased in a coiled surface wire wrap and wound so skillfully that at first, it appears to be a foil covering. Closed examination shows that the wires are slightly movable verifying their identity.  26 1/2” double-edged blade with deep fuller flanked by stylized foliage on each side. The fullers inscribed THOMAS ALAYA/IN TOLEDO. Thomas Alaya was one of Spain’s most esteemed blade makers, represented in virtually every major collection of antique-edged weapons. An example of a family military rapier updated about 1700 for use in the War of Spanish Succession.
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