An interesting example which belies the general classification of these as hunting weapons when in fact, they were used primarily for civilian defense. Iron hilt with lattice and flower pierced guard. Shaped ebony grip (minor checks/cracks) with iron base and oval iron studs to enhance purchase. 23 3/8” blade with concave sides or very broad fullers, and long false edge forming a spear point. The blade is of exceptional length according with other style hangers made for street defense, and lacking the hunting scenes usually found. This sword was made during the chaotic period of the French Revolution when the population became polarized and violent. Death in the street, at the end of a rope, and later, after 25 April 1792, on the guillotine, was common. The former, sometimes resulted from mob response to an accusation or statement, and every man venturing into the street was accompanied by a sidearm such as this.
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