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17 1/2" length with 13 10 3/8" barrel faceted at the breach and engraved in foliage. Sighting top flat with copper blade front sight. Excellent quality lock, well engraved in the European style. Fine full stock, the forestock finely carved in stylized foliage. Copper wire inlay to the wrist, grip and below the lock in Balkan motifs including the scimitar indicating that it was decorated in Pec, Kosovo. See Elgood, p.186, pl.230. As with virtually all of these, it is a multicultural product. It was made in Northern Italy for export, decorated in the Balkans and retailed for use, probably by a Turkish officer. Good brass furniture with a blue cabochon to the butt cap.

Delivery to CA or NJ requires a FFL recipient.

Stock Number: FNS10246

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