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Late 18th-19th century. This helmet is distinguished from its contemporaries in several ways Initially, at 9” diameter, it is about 20% larger, in order to accommodate the turban specific to Sikhs who, since 1699, have been forbidden to cut their hair. Additionally, the decoration throughout is chiseled, rather than etched as most common. That process requires a thicker base metal and in this instance, combined with its larger size, results in the helmet weighing about double the average at 3# 4oz. Compare to our FNS9418 at 1# 10.4oz. The decorative motifs are drawn from nature (foliate) mixed with calligraphic panels. The surface, originally blued, has now turned to a deep brown and is completely intact. The gold decoration is virtually complete as well. The interior retains its padded liner, probably renewed for the Delhi Durbar of 1911. Especially impressive for size, quality, and condition.
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