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Displaying superior quality and early characteristics which suggest European manufacture of the second half of the 18th century. 19 ½” length. The 12 ¾” .66 caliber barrel is octagonal for the first 3 ½” and round for the balance. it is covered with Arabic calligraphy and browned in the European taste. The lock is of European form with swan neck cock, chiseled in foliage overall. It is complete with the tumbler spur on the mainspring as is correct, but sprung so tightly (typical for these) that we dared not cock it. The walnut stock is well carved, with brass furniture of European workmanship, and removable ramrod.  The trigger guard, butt mount, side plate and back escutcheon are all decorated in crisp Arabic calligraphy. The workmanship and detail throughout appear to be European. The calligraphy, of course, is Eastern. The length of the barrel, is consistent with 18th-century examples when slower burning powder required greater barrel length. The elegant proportions which resulted are a bonus benefit!
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