Characteristic form, see Stone fig.661. Chiseled iron hilt with drooping stylized monster head quillon terminals. Arabesque terminal langets pierced to match the quillon terminals. Swelled grip and scalloped edge cup form pommel with flat top plate. The hilt with bold chiseled decoration throughout and crisp with chocolate patina, probably faded from the original blue. 30 ¾” curved wedge section blade with narrow back fuller and false edge, struck with a maker’s mark and the addorsed “eye brow” marks. The blade is smooth with light gray patina, some isolated black staining and including some distinct lineal patterning probably indicative of watered steel construction.  The vast majority of Indopersian swords on the market came from the arsenal dispersal of the early 1980s, following the disenfranchisement of the majaharas and are in deteriorated and overcleaned condition. This example is representative of swords collected in the 18th-century wars and returned to England as military trophies. Its condition is as made and used without compromise.
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