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After 1870.  Gilt brass hilt of the form of the US 1860 NCO sword, finely chased and gilt. The side guard with the Gaelic cock (rooster) in a wreath on flag splay. Folding side guard, and conical pommel with bee hive motif. Considerable bright gold remaining. Wire wrapped sharkskin covered grip (a little wear). Fine 35 1/8” triangular blade, decorated in gold on blue with military trophies, and arms including a cuirass over crossed cannons indicating the sword of an artillery officer. The forte inscribed Coulaux Feres a Klingenthal, Coulaux Brothers in Klingenthal, maker’s name. The blue fading with smooth glossy gray patina to the balance. The form of the blade is earlier and probably a family heirloom blade remounted to conform to the pattern as was often done.
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