28 3/4" d.e. blade chiseled with the Passau running wolf mark flanked by clusters of stars. Iron hilt, the guard with forward quillon and single side ring emanating from a beast's mouth at the quillon block. The knuckle bow emanating from a similar beast on the back.  Knuckle bow and ring guard with elaborate baluster form medials, incorporating hatched cross bands. Similar swells at the quarter points. Expanded quillon terminal and quillon block ends chiseled to match. Spherical pommel with matching motifs.  Notably, the side guard is not inlet for a sprung in shell as usually found which, along with the high arched knuckle bow, indicate that it was made for use with the gauntleted hand.  Excellent for the period with good smooth lustrous patina throughout. Wire wrapped grip, sound and excellent. The evolution of this form is simultaneous with the cup-hilt and represents a variant approach to simplify and lighten the hilt without sacrificing protection. See Norman #75 and #77 for related examples

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