One of the variations of the trident also known as the roncone and earlier, the septum. Of fundamental form, a spear with base spikes or lugs. These are designed for infantry to engage the weapons of mounted troops in their striking range, about saddle height. This example is 91 ¼” height with iron head of “bat wing” form, probably a North European interpretation of the more flamboyant Italian form. Comprised of a medially spear point with upcurved medially ridged base spikes on a conical socket. It is struck with an O, probably a racking cipher rather than a maker’s mark. The haft is bound at the base with brass ring and no grounding iron, indicative of its use on a stone floor in a castle or fortress. The bottom 27” is notched or graduated in about 1 ¾” increments, with the top increment larger. The purpose is unknown, but could have been something like gaging the lift of a portcullis to let out dogs. The upper portion of the haft is also scored (graduated), less deeply. Overall, a fine early example with ample and tantalizing evidence of its use.

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