Probably Colonial American use. Elegant form iron point with high raised medial each side to inflict a cross shaped wound which resulted in profuse bleeding.  Bun shaped bolster on conical socket. 22 1/4" cheek straps secured with five rivets each side, all integrally forged and one piece. 82” overall. Original hard wood haft slightly tapered through its length. The wear on the butt confirming its use in this length. See Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, #126.PA & 127.PA, both described as European C.1600-75 and very similar to this example. Neumann notes that "Many full pikes were brought by the Colonists, found to be impractical and changed to shorter (6-8 feet) "half pikes"".  This example is most likely one of those. Rare untouched example.
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