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Pierced iron hilt chiseled in scrolling foliage panels separated by serpentine “bark texture” bars. Large oval guard. ovoid pommel and knuckle bow in a high relied leaf pattern with quillon block pierced en suite with the guard and pommel. Fine wire wrapped grip. 34 3/4” colichemarde blade with remnants of original blade seat. This is the sword of a military officer, probably British or American. See The Rapier and Smallsword, 1460-182, Norman, #134 for a near-identical example in the Wallace Collection, with its original British regulation military sword knot.  See also, Weapons of the American Revolution, Moore, #134 for another near identical example dated C.1770 with its original British regulation military sword knot. Both and the present example are distinguished by their large fighting size, about 10-15% larger throughout than civilian swords. During the American Revolution, American officers typically carried English swords. This example may well have served an American officer during the Revolution.
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