Copper, 346 1/4” length in three pieces. Two tapered tubes, with soldered joint and a rolled edge, flared mouthpiece with an applied high relief lion mask. Brass medial junction sleeve and brass embouchure. Small dings primarily to the mouth and old English auction tag. Carried on coaches to announce their arrival at a distance from way stations, which enabled the station keepers to stoke the fires and begin food preparation. The great days of coaching evolved in the 18th century as populations grew, stops became more numerous and the roads were safer from highwaymen. The rail system was introduced in the 1830s and quickly replaced most of the commercial coaching. Railroad growth was so intense that investment in railroad stock caused a speculation frenzy and market collapse. Understandably, many coaching horns were retired to the walls of the inns which they had served and today, they are iconic symbols in English pubs.
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