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This cuirass is among the earlier armor, including much from the Thirty Years War, pressed into service during the English Civil Wars. (See New Model Army 1645-60, Warner, p.27 for a 15th-century Barbuto modified with the addition of a visor for Parliamentary service.) It is from somewhere between 1580-90 with a breastplate of peascod form and matching backplate. Notably, that form was favored for English armors made at Greenwich. The movable gussets have been riveted immobile and the articulated fauld has been replaced by two plates riveted to the bottom flare of the breastplate. The bottom edges of those plates have been rolled to conceal the raw edge and finish the bottom. The metal has a fine aged brown patina throughout with some old white paint spatter and smear inside, evidently resulting from the painting of the room where it was displayed. Wonderful age character and a survivor of the English Civil Wars with a story of its own. Display stand not included.
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