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This early example predates the Civil War and ranks among the earliest Masonic swords we have seen.  It is made to military standards with 27 ¾” double edge blade of fighting weight. The brass hilt is of the pattern used for militia NCO swords before the war. The cross guard is decorated with a cross one side and memento mori (skull and cross bones) the other. The blade is decorated with Masonic symbols, Key to the Kingdom, scroll with In Hoc Signo Vinces motto, crosses and foliage. The ricasso is struck with a king’s head mark and the forte is inscribed W H Horstmann & Sons Philadelphia, in cursive. All of the decoration is hand applied. Horstmann & Sons worked 1843 and after. The brass scabbard is also hand engraved with pierced cross locket. The form and workmanship are unmistakenly pre Civil War. The condition, including minor edge nicks and the measurable wear to the back of the guard suggest extensive use, which would have been Confederate service.  The scabbard is dented both sides at the mid point and the bone grip is cracked and chipped at the back. With the shortage of weapons in the South, this substantial example would not have been left idle.

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