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1096-1291. Circular, formed as a cross potent, i.e. with "crutches" at the beam ends and thus, five crosses in one representing the five wounds of Christ. That form is also known as the Crusader's cross, having been an element in the arms of Godfrey Bouillon which he wore during the First Crusade. Godfrey of Bouillon was a Frankish Knight of the First Crusade, known as Baron of the Holy Sepulcher and the Crusader King, ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem following its victorious siege in the First Crusade. For that reason, it is also known as the Jerusalem Cross. This example is 1 1/4" height plus the intact suspension loop. It is made by the open face mold technique. Professionally refurbished with the pure silver overlay restored, on a modern Sterling silver neck chain. An actual pendant worn by a crusader nearly 1000 years ago!
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