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In Europe, hunting was a privilege for the noble and royal classes, who owned all the game, regardless of whose land it occupied. Game was hunted for sport as well as the annual Fall hunts which stocked the larders of the privileged for Winter. Baron Franz von der Treck, an Italian displaced to Austria earned his fortune and title by organizing a military unit, essentially mercenaries and largely Croatian, called Pandurs, noted for their brutality. The Pandurs earned a reputation as brave, audacious, feared and ruthless soldiers, known for looting and pillaging. Trenck had estates in Croatia and this sword is likely a hunting sword from one of those estates. Unlike most hangers of the period, this example truly was made for the hunt. Its 19” broad fullered blade is decorated both sides with a figure of a Pandur, motto VIVAT PANDUR and three crosses, which retain considerable gold inlay. The figural hilt with its combination of Baroque and zoomorphic images is characteristic for the period.
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