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Mid 19th century. 17 1/2” length, shaved to thin wall thickness with the embouchure integrally formed from the thick original section. Hand twisted plant fiber wrist thong to allow for use without losing it in battle. During the period in the Congo, most tribal groups were assimilated forming bands of slavers. Slaves were captured by raiding as well as tribal warfare. War was conducted specifically for the purpose of slave capture and not, territorial. Yoweri Museveni, president of Uganda stated in 1998 “African chiefs were the ones waging war on each other and capturing their own people and selling them”. War trumpets such as this were used to signal before, during and after battle as they could be heard over the cries of the victims and were highly valued by slavers. Acquired by the Methodist Missionary Society in the 1880’s-90’s and of considerable age and use at the time, dating it to mid century or earlier. The mouth with two short cracks as typical. Untouched tool of the slave trade in its prime!

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