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This sword closely follows European examples but shows distinct American characteristics. The 22 1/8” curved single edged blade with false edge is imported from one of the blade making centers in Europe, probably Solingen, as were most, for American mounting. While steel production and working were well established in America, German manufacturers had the machines and tooling for mass production of blades and shipping rates were very favorable as blades were heavy and space efficient making them ideal for ballast on sailing ships. The silver hilt is unmarked and the product of shop with small scale casting equipment. Probably a provincial jeweler, not a silver smith. The guard is ordinarily made as a cross piece and separate base ferrule to the grip. Here, it is cast in two pieces, each, half of the cross piece and ferrule, silver soldered together forming one integral element.  That construction is unique in our experience for a silver guard. The grip is ivory wrapped with silver tape and the pommel is made from seamed sheet stock, not cast as expected, with the lines hand scribed. The combination of unique construction features clearly indicates American Manufacture. See Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, #109.S for a related American example, also with silver hilt and ivory grip. This is a civilian town sword, carried in the streets for protection, and pressed into service for the Revolution.

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