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A rare example of the type which served in the Revolution and on as the frontier was opened in the early 19th century. Smaller than a camp axe at 19 ½” length and 1# 6oz. weight including its working life haft. The head made in two pieces with shield shaped socket joining the bit with a forged and tool finished joint. The bit of early form with expansion at the socket and swept back edge. The bit and socket both with some original forged scale finish. The front edge sharpened about half its length providing a “false edge” to facilitate embedding when thrown. This is the only axe we have seen with that feature. The working life haft has a band relieved at the middle, and cut with a shallow X below, one side. Clearly meant as a weapon with which its owner probably demonstrated his throwing skills, it would have been admired for its form and quality when new.
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