See Peterson #11 for a related example and discussion of these swords carried by noncommissioned officers of state militias both north and south. The militias comprised the majority of troops on both sides at the outbreak of the Civil War. This example has a 27” d.e. blade, slightly rounded section with beveled edges that appear to have been sharpened for battle at the time of use. the mottled patina with a little surface oxidation is uniform on the blade face and edges. The hilt is gilt brass with some old wear and discoloration, perhaps from concealment after the war. Original brass mounted blackened scabbard in matching condition. As Union militias were maintained after the war, and the Confederate disbanded, it is likely that this sword served the South. Many such weapons were secreted in barns and other structures in the expectation that the South would rise again. This sword has all the attributes expected of a Confederate Militia sword.
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