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Plated “Gothic” hilt pierced with the strung bugle regimental badge. Silver wire wrapped sharkskin covered grip. 33” straight blade with maker’s name E THURKLE DENMARK ST SOHO LONDON on the ricasso. That address is specific to the 1876-99 production. The blade decorated with foliage, crowned regimental badge, VR, PRINCE CONSORT’S OWN, strung bugle and the owner’s initials with armorial device and motto. That information should easily identify the officer who originally carried this sword. The Rifle Brigade was an elite regiment which served in the Battle of Ali Masjid (Afghanisthan), The Anglo-Burmese War of 1885, Anglo-Ashanti War, Mahdist War, and the Second Boer War during this period. The sword likely went on to serve in the other South African actions as well as the First World War. Excellent but for expected fading of the grip covering.
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