A regimental/militia sword, a variant of the 1796 pattern.  32 ¾” broad fullered blade with a long false edge. The Back marked WOOLLEY & CO. Iron hilt with reverse langets in the Eastern European hussar style. Leather-covered grip. Original iron scabbard. Woolley & Co., Birmingham became Woolley & Deakin in 1800 dating this sword to before 1800. The lack of crown markings indicates use by a chartered regiment. Those units generally had variant pattern weapons based on the then-current Royal patterns as is this one. Woolley & Co. is recorder from 1785 dating this sword 1785-1800. The hilt surface textured with congealed grip covering. Blade about excellent and well marked. Scabbard with scattered pitting, some shallow dents, and the throat mount partially lacking. Surely saw service against Napoleon.
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