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Founded in 1781 in London, this organization is considered the origin of the Neo-Druid movement popular today. The United Ancient Order of Druids separated from the parent group in1830 and established in America where it grew through the 19th century, but became moribund by the mid 20th century. This sword is the first we have encountered. It has a substantial unmarked 28 ¼” blade and plated hilt with a chain guard. The scabbard bears a single mount with an altar with burning sacrifice, Irish harp, crossed swords and skull and radiant “Sun King” motifs. It has neither throat nor tip mount and never had, evidenced by the lack of any screw holes for attachment. Minor scuffs to the black japanned grip otherwise excellent. The Irish harp and its period of use do suggest a lodge of Irish immigrants who were persecuted or at least discriminated against at the time and of course, of Celtic descent. Very rare.
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