From a group which appeared on the market about 25 years ago, many, including this one, with the arsenal mark of the Barberini family. The Barberinis supplied the armor for the Papal Army in the late 16th century, a period fraught with anarchy and bandits and direct attacks on papal territories by Parma, made independent of the Papal States in 1545. The close association led to Maffeo Barberini becoming Pope Urban VIII. His brother, Taddeo, was made Supreme Commander of the Papal Army. The helmets were from the papal armory and served through the Papal Wars. It is estimated that about 4500 men served the papal army and most would have worn cabassets, making the original number of the group well over 4000 though only a fraction of that number survive. Height: 7 1/2" plus the cheek pieces.

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