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Iconic example exhibiting the characteristics which identify it as American, with good clean lines and quality workmanship. 32 1/2:” curved triple narrow fullered blade, imported as virtually all were, owing to their mass production in Germany and favorable shipping rates when used as ballast. Lead blade seat, a distinctively American feature. Brass hilt, with D form guard expanded that the blade root. One piece backstrap and pommel. Leather covered grip retaining about half its original covering and showing considerable use in this condition. The wood core appears to be oak which is never used on European swords and even includes a tiny knot. Over the years, we have examined tens of thousands of swords and have never before encountered a knot in a wood grip. A few small nicks to the top of the blade near the point. Fine uniform aging and distinctly American character. A Connecticut find from the 1950’s. The best of its kind we have encountered.
Stock Number: B2911

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