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By the mid 17th century, the cup hilt rapier was fully evolved. Popular throughout Europe, the form was embraced universally in Spain and Spanish territories and its evolution continued well into the 18th century, after it had been largely abandoned in other countries. This example dates to the beginning of the evolution. Its long straight double edged blade was made to maximize the latest fencing techniques. The deep hemispherical cup protected the gloved hand and it was well balanced when gripped with the first two fingers ahead of the cross guard. A small roll on the cup edge and the expanded terminal cross guard provided additional protection and blade catching capability, however, the primary defense was a cloak or dagger in the left hand. In street dueling, a shield was sometimes used. This compact basic form is particularly associated with the Spanish colonies including North America and the Caribbean.

Blade length: 38 1/4"

Stock Number: 98-4

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