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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

Second-quarter of the 18th century. The hilt of alternate vertical and saltire form scalloped edge panels pierced with stylized hearts and enclosed by scalloped flat bars. The broad scroll forward quillon is intact. Grooved conical pommel with bun form button. Fish skin (?) grip with brass band wrap and ferrules. The 30 ¼” s.e. blade was stamped with the king’s head mark four times on each side. The marks alternation with the letter pairs AN  DR  EA  and  FE  RA  RA. Andrea Ferarra blades, of course, are the most valued on Scottish basket-hilted swords. Each side with short narrow fullers above and below the marks. Walter Allen famously made swords incorporating these elegant and imaginative elements. Swords of this quality and complexity are often described as from the “circle of Walter Allen” though it is probably more accurate to describe them as influenced or inspired by Walter Allen. They were carried by clansmen who could afford them and served in the frequent interclan battles as well as in the Scottish Rebellion of 1745 which ended tragically at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.
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