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Purpose made weapon for the assassinations stemming from power family in-fighting and vendettas in Italy of the period. Under 7” overall for easy concealment. 3 ½” wedge section blade with a short false edge. The root with brass laminate decorated in bands and wiggle work, slightly spaced from the blade to seat the scabbard throat. Brass hilt in two stages in the Spanish style with double reeded bone grips. Full-length iron tang peened at the butt. The terminal with a stepped button to allow the assassin to rotate the knife with the palm of the hand.  A skilled assassin could rotate the dagger within the wound to inflict massive organ damage and make his escape in a few seconds. Complete with its original sheath which is simply made of sheet iron without mounts as it was carried concealed in the clothing. While most daggers or knives survive by being repurposed to some extent, these are suitable for little but the task for which they were made and survivors are quite rare.
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