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Probably French, made for the Revolution c.1790. An interesting interpretation of a weapon about which there is some confusion, owing to the variations. The common element is the heavy hook blade found on the bill hook which, with the addition of a fore spike and back was in use by 1500. Variations in form and naming included guisarme, fauchard, and ronche, with cross overs and forms seemingly random. This example is later in dating but clearly meant to replicate the Gothic original, updated for then current tactical use. Originally fully mounted, it is now 38 3/8” long on a portion of its original haft. It’s possible that the reduction was done in its working life, an adaption for close in fighting. The head is forged of iron with hook backed with a triangular beak and rectangular section spine which transitions to a medially ridged spear point. It is this feature that distinguishes it from its predecessors, as rather than being used to penetrate armor, this is a thrusting flesh cutting weapon. The head is preserved in very old varnish, easily removed if desired. One of the great many one off weapons produced to serve in the French Revolution.
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